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Suzette Gainous

Founder, Owner, Photographer

My love of photography and sharing it with my clients has been instilled in me since I was a young child. My diverse experiences began when I was five years old "stuffing cardboard" in envelopes to mail prints to my parents’ customers. My parents gifted me my first camera while I was still in grade school; with this, I practiced photographing on family vacations and with friends in our backyard. Memories like these are what inspired my love for photography and the understanding of how important it is to capture these moments.

As time passed, my photographic endeavors expanded from photographing clients in the Golden Isles of Georgia to the Hawaiian Islands to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and everywhere in-between! I helped run my family’s photo concessions at multiple beaches and ski resorts shooting over 1000 images a day during the busy seasons! During this time, I gained the experience of shooting golf/tennis tournaments, beach clubs, formal events, family reunions/portraits and so much more! (There have even been several occasions during this time period that I have been able to work photography for famous clientele!) My ongoing love for photography has also granted me many amazing opportunities such as working for rafting companies to capture Colorado’s backcountry lifestyle and capturing beach and island lifestyles from coast to coast.

All of these photographic experiences combined encouraged me to branch into the wedding world of photography. I have worked 300+ weddings which have allowed me to create my style of wedding photography which is an unobtrusive, detail-oriented, creative, fun, and respectful approach to capturing these beautiful moments in time. This style of photography also shows in my work when capturing: family portraits, maternity sessions, engagement sessions, senior portraits, pet portraits, and more! I love being a photographer and the satisfaction the work brings. This drive is what inspires me to capture your special memories and precious life moments for you and your family/friends to cherish for a lifetime!

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