My love of photography and sharing it with my clients has been instilled in me since I was a young child. The family business involved me as long as I can remember. My diverse experiences began when I was five years old "stuffing"cardboard" in envelopes to mail prints to my parents customers. From there it took me to getting my first camera while I was still in grade school and photographing the family on vacations with much joy, then friends in the backyard, yes back in the film days. I progressed in my photographic endeavors from photographing clients at various locales from the Golden Isles of Georgia, the Hawaiian Islands to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My experiences include helping run the family photo concessions at beach and ski resorts, the "fast food " of photography shooting as many as 1000 images per day at times. My continued interest and love of photography translated into  my creative form of expression shooting rafting photography in the rapid rivers of Colorado of clients "lifestyle vacations." The beach photography concessions include all aspects of  capturing the island lifestyle, golf, tennis, beach club, formal evening shots and beach and clients family portraits in their very own element, their homes. This resort lifestyle  engaged me and my cameras with famous clientele on several occasions. The diversity and vast photographic experiences and variety of photography assignments led to wedding photography combing all aspects of  the broad array of my experiences. The serene beauty of the natural world has encouraged my landscape photography, as well. I love what I do and have an unobtrusive, detail oriented, creative, fun yet respectful approach to photographing everyone.  The diverse "on location" photography sessions while working with an extensive variety of clientele has led me to the fulfillment of sharing my photography with you to capture your special memories and precious life moments for you and your family to share and treasure  forever.  

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